All Jokes Aside

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Joe Jenkins is a comedian born and raised in Brooklyn NY. At a young age he decided to pursue a career in comedy, and all though he’s had his ups and downs, he is still making a impact in this industry. Joe believes that it isn’t hard to make it, you just have to work hard to make it, and some say he’s the hardest working youngin’ in comedy. At the age of 21 he moved to California to follow a career in acting and to attend school at the New York Film Academy. After 3 years of struggling, hard work and being away from family he decided to move back to NY. While in California Joe started the company “Who’s Funny entertainment, starred in a few feature films that have not been released yet and made a name for himself. Now Joe is here to tell you his story and he has brought a few friends along with him to share theirs as well in this comedy special “All Jokes Aside”.