Campa Pichot

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Campa Pichot is an explosive stand up comedy duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ezequiel and Malena, with their unusual and acid humor, have been playing to sold-out houses in Buenos Aries, and all over Argentina and Latin America for the last five years. Featured in dozens of magazines, newspapers, TV and radio shows, they stand out as the most important comedians of their generation.
Malena´s “La Loca De Mierda” and “Cualca”, both online sensations, have amassed 20 million views on youtube so far. She hosts a daily radio show and works as a screenwriter for TV.
Ezequiel has performed in many feature films and plays and hosted his own late-night show for Chilean TV network Via X. He´s also been part of Guapas, one of the most popular TV shows in Argentina.