Deshawn Raw & J. Snow Live!

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Deshawn Raw is climbing up the comedy ladder and not looking back. This young comedian has reached over 80 million views on YouTube. After making millions laugh online. He is now expanding his artistry to a live audience. Heading into 2019 DeShawn Raw is definitely a comedian Worth Watching.

Compton California native J. Snow is known for entertaining people on YouTube with comedic writing and acting in viral sketches achieving over 30 million+ views. Sketches that you may or may not remember. If not, it’s cool because you’re here and that’s why you’re dope! Now, enough about you… J. Snow has been seen on ADDTv on MTV, Joking Off Season 3 on MTV2 and has performed as the opening act for world famous comedians Marlon Wayans and Ron White. At the pulse of today’s culture, J. Snow has a passion for creating edgy material using Stand Up Comedy, Digital Content and his unfiltered perspective. He’s well on his path to becoming the greatest Comedian of all time! I should know… Because I am Dave Chappelle. Okay… Dave didn’t write this. But still… J. Snow is destined for great things. You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube @JSnowPro. He will definitely (probably) follow you back!