Maddog Mattern

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If it were possible for the Beastie Boys and Don Rickles to have a child that child would be Maddog Mattern. He’s a quick witted pop culture referencing machine that flys off the seat of his pants every night with a heavily improvised set of energy.
        Maddog has been heard on Sirus Radio’s “The Scott Ferrall Show” where he was a man on the street. And was a regular on “The Miserable Men Show.” And currently is on the syndicated radio program “The Comedy Point.”
       Maddog brings his punk rock raconteur style  on the road every month with the great rock’n'roll comedy train wreck that is “The Ronnie Mund Block Party.”
     Born and raised in Las Vegas as Jamie Mattern. He was raised by his maternal grandparents. His babysitters were comic books, tv, pro wrestling, heavy metal, Star Wars, and mob movies. As he got older Jamie dreamed of being a band. In high school that dream became a reality. Another reality was that his bands were more funny than good.
    In 2001 he dropped the music and kept the comedy. And he also embraced his nickname ( which was his grandfather’s nickname as well) Maddog as a stage name in tribute to the rock stars that helped shape him. Iggy Pop, Slash and Flea.
    In 2006 he moved to New York. After years of hard work he became a regular at comedy clubs and a national touring Headliner.

When he isn’t performing he likes to hide in his apartment and eat Italian food.