The Red Flag: A Comedy Dating Show

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Tank Sinatra and Katie Haller take a break from dank memes, to bring you Red Flag: A Comedy Dating show featuring some of New York’s funniest stand-up comdians, a relationship advice panel, trap rap about fish, and a power point presentation about dating profiles that has weirder photos in it than you are mentally prepared for. 

Whether you’re single and ”just doing you”, single and looking, in a relationship, or doing the thing where you just avoid defining the relationship, we’ve got jokes and we’ve got wisdom you can relate to. Cause it’s not you. It’s all of us. 

Hosted by Katie Haller (aka T-Spoon) and George Resch (aka Tank Sinatra) 
With Stand-up from: Molly Austin, Derek Gaines, Sydnee Washington, Nathan Orton, Joe DeVito