The Red Flag: A Comedy Dating Show

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Attention all single people: we know it’s hard to find love in 2017! Dating is not what it used to be – and comedians have PLENTY of jokes that reflect the trials and tribulations that go along with this unconventional world of dating.  

Kat Timpf (@KatTimpf), Sophie Julia (@SophieJulia), and Chris Manzo (@chris_manzo host of Foul Territory on FNTSY Sports Network) have seen it all when it comes to bad pick-up lines (online and in-person) and have been on even worse dates. Come watch as they “wave the red flag” when some of today’s hottest comics tell disaster dating jokes. Sophie, Kat, and Chris will call out some of the biggest dating mistakes and lend advice on what you should do if you want to have a chance of hooking up.

 With performances by Francis Ellis (@FrancisBarstool).

Co-hosted by Carolyn Gitomer and Katie Haller