Vince August


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Vince August made his standup comedy debut at Caroline’s on Broadway in 1997. Since that time he has honed his skills and become one of the very best at improvisation and standup comedy. Vince has also made a name for himself on camera as a regular actor on ABC television’s “Primetime What Would You Do?” The hidden camera social experiment show has showcased Vince’s acting ability as he usually portrays the antagonist with scenes that have elicited emotions of extreme rage to tears. Vince has also appeared in the documentary film “Heckler,” soap opera “As The World Turns”, “The Onion News Network” and national television and radio commercials.

Hopefully some of you do not recognize Vince from his other profession. The international news surrounding Vince’s resignation as Municipal Court Judge caught the world by storm. The New Jersey Supreme Court gave Vince an ultimatum in September 2013 to choose between being his passion for the law as Judge and his passion for entertainment. Vince chose his entertainment passion because in the end “you never give up on a dream.”

Vince has closed more shows at Caroline’s since 2009 than any comic. He is a regular closer for the New Talent shows and recently become one of the warm up comics for the most decorated comedy in television history, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.