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Idris Elba Surprise Visit – Page Six

Featured below is an article published by Page Six all about Idris Elba’s surprise visit to our venue the other night, and his recollection of his early days working at Carolines many years ago.

Idris Elba visits NYC comedy club where he used to be a bouncer

Idris Elba made a surprise appearance at his former employer Carolines on Broadway on Monday night.

This time as an audience member, the actor and DJ quietly took in “The Funniest Show on Broadway” with his family at 9:30 p.m.

“He was gracious to everybody and very low key. He talked to a couple of the employees that are still here from when he worked here,” a source said.

The actor, who is set to star in the upcoming film adaption of “Cats,” even took a moment to pose for a selfie with one of the comics featured on the show.

Elba, 46, said in March while hosting “Saturday Night Live,” that when he first moved to the United States from London, he worked the door at the club.

“About twenty years ago I was working down the street from this building on Broadway — not as an actor — but as a doorman. I was a bouncer at Carolines Comedy Club on 49th and Broadway,” he said, adding that he made some “decent contacts” by selling weed.

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