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Stand Up Comedy By Pete Davidson – Page Six

Late night stand up comedy is best consumed at Carolines.


Because you get to see comedians like Pete Davidson give us their best, their worst, their never before seen, and their highly favored material!

Pete Davidson appeared last night and did his stand up comedy at our venue. And yes, his jokes were a hit!

Featured below is an article Page Six published detailing how the night went down.

Pete Davidson jokes about rehab during late-night stand-up show

“SNL” star Pete Davidson seemed to confirm during a late-night stand-up show that he did, in fact, go to rehab recently.

In December, Davidson sparked speculation when he said on “Weekend Update” he was going on vacation — “the kind of vacation where, like, insurance pays for some of it, and they take your phone and shoelaces.”

He was reportedly splitting with model Kaia Gerber at the time.

During a midnight stand-up set at Carolines on Broadway Sunday, Davidson told the crowd he’d worked on some of the jokes while in rehab at the Sierra Tucson facility in Arizona.

He said that he went by the pseudonym “Howard” at the facility, and he also kidded that during his stay, he’d hung out at a place called the “butt hut” — the spot where patients smoke cigarettes.

During his sold-out set — at which attendees’ phones were locked in pouches — Davidson also discussed having suicidal thoughts. But he joked that he signed “a pledge” saying he wouldn’t kill himself until the Knicks won the championship, adding he has “at least five more years to go” before the hapless team breaks through.

“The audience seemed really supportive of him,” said a spy.

On a more light-hearted note, Davidson said that — after pictures of him smooching Kate Beckinsale at a Rangers game went viral — MSG owner James Dolan jokingly asked him to make out with a girl again at a game because it got so much press.

Davidson, who has an upcoming Netflix special, told jokes that will be in the show, he said, including a bit on how Louis CK tried to get him fired during his first season on “SNL” when he was 20. Davidson claims that CK caught him smoking weed in the office, and chastised Davidson by saying, “You’ll smoke away your career.”

Davidson was called to Lorne Michaels’ office over the incident, he said, but joked he could tell, “Lorne’s eyes were saying, ‘People used to do coke here.’ ”

He wasn’t fired, but recalled being crushed until the “glorious day” when news of CK’s sexual misconduct scandal broke


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