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Anthony Rodia

Anthony Rodia

ANTHONY RODIA is a first-generation Italian Comedian born and raised in Westchester NY. He has always had a way of turning any situation into comedy!

Using Social Media as his platform, Anthony has exploded onto the Comedy scene out of nowhere, making quite a name for himself and building a large fan base. He is known for his hilarious skits, song parodies, And his weekly “Road Rage Wednesday” using his popular character “Uncle Vinny.”

He is an energetic, theatrical, off-the-wall comedian who never holds back and always finds a way to relate to his audience. With his stories, accents and unique delivery, he is sure to have you falling out of your seat with laughter! His videos have been viewed over 10 million times on Social Media. He has sold out shows at White Plains Performing Arts Center (4 consecutive times), Williamson Theatre College of Staten Island, Governors Comedy Club, and Middletown Theater.


Want to know more about Anthony? Visit his website HERE, and keep up with Anthony Rodia on social media HERE.


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