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Carlos Sánchez

New York Comedy Festival Presents: Carlos Sánchez “Greatest Hits”

“Greatest Hits” is a show of the best of the career of comedian Carlos Sánchez.

Carlos Sánchez is a stand up comic from the Dominican Republic with a 17-year career. Is known as “The Stand Up Comedy King in the Dominican Republic”. He’s known for his clean family material, about parents, wife, and kids.

Carlos Sánchez has sold out the most important theaters in the Dominican Republic, from 800 to 1600 people, and has opened to the hottest acts in the world, like Marc Anthony in front of seven thousand people. He has shared the stage with the most important names in comedy from Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, and México.

Has traveled to six countries and 17 cities, performing in front of different Latino communities. For “Greatest Hits” we have a very special guess Carlos (Guebin) Molina.

Show: Carlos Sánchez “Greatest Hits”

Line-Up Headliner: Carlos Sánchez

Line-Up Opener: Carlos (Guebin) Molina


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