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Mike Feeney

Mike Feeney and Friends and Brendan

Mike Feeney is a New York City-based comedian. His high energy and sharp wit captivate young and old audiences alike.

He has been featured on NBC’s “Last Call with Carson Daly,” Barstool Sports, Fox’s “Laughs,” Funny or Die, Sirius XM, The Chive, ABC’s “Right This Minute,” Inside Edition, Reader’s Digest, and Food Network’s “Restaurant Stakeout”.

Mike’s debut album, “Rage Against The Routine”, premiered at number one on the iTunes Comedy Charts and number six on the Billboard Charts. His comedy videos have amassed over 65 million views across Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

He won “Best Micro Short” at the Houston Comedy Film Festival. His other comedy shorts have been featured in the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival and regularly on the front page of Funny or Die.

Mike Feeney has performed in the New York Comedy Festival, Asheville Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Rogue Island Comedy Festival, and Skankfest. In 2021, Mike was a finalist in the 2021 New York Comedy Festival’s “NY’s Funniest Stand-Up Competition”.

Previously, Mike was the co-host of Irish Goodbye Podcast, which was featured in the Top 100 of Apple Comedy Podcasts. Currently, Mike performs all over the U.S. and is the host of Snarky with Mike Feeney and Here’s The Scenario Podcast.

New York City Comedian Brendan Sagalow deftly and defiantly owns the stage with equal parts confident social observations and cutting self-deprecation. In 2020 Brendan Self produced his first album and special called “Not Now More Than Ever,” which was #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts.

Brendan has been featured on Barstool Sports Answer The Internet and KFC radio. He has appeared as a regular on many Sirius XM radio shows, including Bennington, Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, and You Up? with Nikki Glasser.

As well as many popular podcasts, including Robert Kelly’s You Know What Dude! Joe List’s Mindful Metal Jacket, Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank, Are You Garbage?, Jim Norton’s The Chip Chipperson Podcast, Jessica Kirson’s Disgusting Hawk, Real ass Podcast, and Legion of Skanks.

In 2017 Brendan wrote for MTV’s Joking Off for 2 seasons. In 2018 Brendan won The New York Comedy Club’s first-ever Comedy Competition and in 2019 was a finalist in New Yorks’s Funniest at Carolines on Broadway.


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