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Nathan Orton

Breakout Artist Comedy Series: Nathan Orton

Nathan Orton has always been the class clown, quick to get a laugh, and possibly slightly mentally ill. In 2013, he bought a ticket to watch the annual ‘Funniest Person in St Louis’ competition at The Funny Bone. A week later, he worked up the courage to get on stage. A year later, he won that same competition. After that, he began touring the Midwest and went on to win Helium Comedy Club’s ‘Funniest Person Contest’ and the ‘World Series of Comedy’ in Indianapolis.

With perfect timing, Nathan Orton moved to NYC just before the pandemic started. After having no choice but to perform in parks and on rooftops during the lockdown, he then established himself as a regular at comedy clubs all over NYC and now headlines comedy clubs across the country. He currently produces two successful shows in NYC— ‘Comedy Takeover’ & ‘Very Famous’; he is a regular on the Real Ass Podcast, a top-ranked Comedy Fight Club main eventer, and a writer for the Comedy Central Roasts.

Being from a family full of professional wrestlers, Nathan has always been destined to be an entertainer—but has opted out of the physical abuse. It’s all emotional.

Carolines on Broadway is proud to present the Breakout Artist Comedy Series, a series which puts the spotlight on the very best and brightest emerging stand-up comedians in their very own headlining show. These are the comedians that are currently plying their trade and honing their craft on their way to becoming the stars of tomorrow.

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