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Pod Damn America

Pod Damn America

Pod Save America? Naw, naw, naw. Pod DAMN America.

In an era marked by doomsday clocks, border walls, and a president lost in the grips of madness – in an era when watching the news feels more like a damn horror film, a podcast is rising from the dirt to gnaw on the brains of the ghouls and goblins that got us into this whole mess.

When they’re not getting shaken down by Homeland Security, working for Russian Television, watching anime, or exchanging curse words online with the show that inspired their name, comedians Jake Flores, Alex Ptak, and Anders Lee host political comedy podcast for the rest of us.

Pod Damn America offers a pitch black and uncompromising look at the crooks and bastards that stole the world. Every week the Damn boys get together to round up the news, interview guests, sink deep into the history of American capitalism, and make jokes about the dumbest crap the internet is coughing up.

On March 3rd they’ll host a live variety show centered on the incoming results of the Super Tuesday primaries, so come on out and white knuckle it through another horrifying evening in American politics.


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