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comedy graduation show

The Comedy Graduation Show

What’s the Comedy Graduation Show, you ask?

It’s where you meet New York City’s newest comedians, of course!

After weeks of hard work in Carolines Stand-Up Comedy Class, this group of newly minted comedians shows the world just how funny they are. This show also features established New York City comedy veterans who will warm up and close the show.

You have front-row seats to your favorite comedians ready to make you laugh and the first look at baby-faced comedians ready to show you everything up their sleeve. It’s going to be hilarious regardless of how the comedians do! (Spoiler alert: They’re going to be epic. Why? Because they got schooled at New York City’s best comedy club, duh!)

So, hit the timeslot above to get your tickets to the Comedy Graduation Show! Trust us – you’re guaranteed to discover your new favorite comedian at the show. You don’t want to miss this!


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