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The Jimmy Swaggers Show

The Jimmy Swaggers are a comedy duo who perform original offensive songs and biting sketches. They’re known for their sweet harmonies, offensive lyrics, and catchy hooks. You will find yourself singing repugnant melodies after you catch their performance. It’s been said if Flight of the Conchords and Key & Peele had children – The Jimmy Swaggers would be their totally screwed up offspring.

Bryan Hurt and Ken Monreal make up The Jimmy Swaggers. Bryan is a maestro on the guitar while Ken is known for his soothing baritone voice. All of their songs are original. Even though their songs are offensive, they care about the structure, the hook, catchy melodies, refrains, and who doesn’t love a great key change.

The Jimmy Swaggers were recently headlining the 2019 New York Comedy Music Festival. At the NYCMF Bryan and Ken had the privilege of performing at the Friars Club. They were also recently seen at the New York Latino Comedy Festival. You may know them from their monthly residency “Thursday’s With Swagger.” Their show ran for 3 years at The Standing Room.

The Jimmy Swaggers released their debut album in 2019, “Fake It Till You Make It.” It’s intentionally overproduced. The wall of sound that hits you when listen to will blow your mind. You can find it on Spotify, Itunes and pretty much all other music streaming services. They also released their first music video “Big Dick” in 2019. You can watch it on their YouTube page. You can watch their sketch comedy there also.