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Think Floyd

Think Floyd Is a comedian that can find humor about almost anything. He was the runner up at the Last Comic Standing Foxwood edition.  Floyd was also the younger sibling of actor and comedian JB Smoove.  Now you can understand that comedy runs in the family! 

People always ask him how did you get the name “Think Floyd?”  Well, as a young child, the teacher used to  always call on Floyd in class and when he used to have problems the teacher used to scream, “Think Floyd! Think Think Floyd Think you can do it!”  What became a school joke also became his stage name. In his first few years of doing stand up he traveled the country opening for his brother learning the tricks and trades of comedy.  On top of all that,  Smoove has a good eye for observational comedy.  You know the things you see every day. 

So sit back and THINK FLOYD!!