Tim Dillon Bus Tour

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NYCF Bus Tours: TOURS DEPART FROM THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF COLUMBUS CIRCLE. Please form a line on Central Park South (the southwest corner of central park) where a representative from the festival will be there. All names will be on a list but to ensure entry please print out a copy of your reservation.

A smash hit last year, Tim Dillon returns with his double decker bus tour of New York City. He draws on his experience as a tour guide and lifelong New Yorker to craft an experience that has been called “more scary than funny,” “not appropriate for children,” “the ranting of a clearly disturbed person,” “a fact free descent into madness,” “why is he sweating in January?” Tim explains New York as a pathology more than a place. From real estate to food to people that have wronged him, the tour is filled with helpful hints for travelers and people who want to understand that the devil is real.