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A Magical Night

A Magical Night! with Mark Clearview

Tue, Jun - 25



A Magical Night is the most hilarious, most memorable after-prom show in New York City. The heart of Times Square is home to a secret show that only happens a couple times each year, and is sure to stick in your mind for years to come.

Welcome to a comedy show performed by a magician and a magic show performed by a comedian. Mark Clearview is NOT your typical magician: Watch as he makes phones in the audience vanish, as he escapes from a straitjacket, and finds your card using only… his tongue?

He is a world renowned entertainer who breaks all the rules. In this show he teaches you exactly how magic works. He uses stand up comedy to reveal the very tricks he’s performing. He reads your mind using luck, he makes big gambles which somehow payoff, and he uses members from the audience to create unpredictable situations (which he somehow predicted). The show is always different, and somehow always works – with a surprise ending that is sure to drop jaws, and having you roaring with laughter!

This show will have you asking: How is he doing this? Coincidence? Or real magic?…

The show features a very funny host, and an opening stand-up act. It’s a night of comedy and unforgettable feats!


Mark Clearview is a world renowned comedian, magician, and world record holder.

Mark has performed all over The United States and Canada as well as internationally, going as far as Qatar, France, Singapore, and China. He frequents off-broadway theatres as comedian and magician.

He also makes regular appearances on television through his magic, on major networks worldwide. In 2018, Mark produced and starred in a sketch series for CBC Comedy.
He has gained over half a million views on YouTube and over fifty million views on Facebook.

Mark is also the brains and talent behind Escaping Parkinson’s—a stunt supported by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and Michael J. Fox himself—raising over $15,000 in just fourteen days. For two weeks Mark lived strapped inside a straitjacket without breaks. On the fourteenth day he escaped on live television. He garnered international attention with this stunt, and set a world record for “Longest Amount of Time Wearing a Straitjacket” which he still holds.

The story of Escaping Parkinson’s was then been presented as a TEDx talk delivered by Mark. It is the first TED talk to be delivered in a straitjacket.