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Box Seats

Box Seats

Tue, Aug - 23


The Humor Mill TV broadcast linear channel today has announced that one of their flagship shows, titled Box Seats will debut its first LIVE show at the World Famous Caroline’s on Broadway in New York, NY on Aug 23rd with comedians Rodney Perry, James “Talent” Harris, Craig “Fig” Figueiredo, and Mike Shawn, and will be immediately followed up with a comedy show to be hosted by James “Talent” Harris.

Box Seats is normally a 60-minute sports/comedy talk show that could best be compared to conversations heard in barbershops nationwide. The show comprises the comedians mentioned above as they discuss the hottest topics in sports-with their take and comedy undertones. Sometimes there are interviews with athletes, actors, and other comedians depending on the day and the topic. The live show is currently being broadcast on Humor Mill TV.

Caroline’s On Broadway will be the first step in an eventual tour with Box Seats, as it has the ability to hit several cities and to rotate the comedians per show upon availability. Box Seats also has the unique ability to be a completely different show because as the sports news changes, so will the topics of the show. This will give the audience a new perspective every show and will become a “must-see” comedy show.


Rodney Perry is a comedian, actor, and writer. He is most known for appearing in Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming 2 America’, and serving as co-host on BET‘s late night talk show ‘The Mo’Nique Show’, along with Mo’Nique. Perry has been featured in more than 10 films and currently tours the country.

James “Talent” Harris is a comedian and an actor. He’s probably most known as one of the NY Kings Of Comedy which has travel nationally, and in films where he appeared in ‘Sunset Park’ and ‘A Brother’s Kiss’. Harris was a breakout star in HBO’s ‘Def Comedy Jam’ and Showtime’s ‘Whiteboyz In The Hood’.

Michael Shawn is a comedian, actor, and radio jock. Shawn is probably most known as a radio jock on Radio One’s ‘Miss Jones In The Morning’, which broadcast out of New York for more than 15 years. Shawn also eventually moved to Dallas and was on Emmis Broadcastings Morning Show before he eventually moved back to the New York market. Shawn is currently touring nationally.

Craig “Fig” Figueiredo is a comedian and an actor. “Fig” as he is so affectionately known by is probably most famous for being one of the original comedians at the infamous Uptown Comedy Club in Harlem, and for traveling in the gospel circuit where he has gained a huge following. “Fig “ has also done over 30 national commercials, and is currently touring the country