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Rallo Boykins

Breakout Artist Comedy Series: Rallo Boykins

Tue, Feb - 18


Comedian, writer, and Internet troll known as Rallo, got his start while attending the illustrious Howard University. The summer of his junior year, Rallo was dared by a classmate to perform stand-up comedy at an annual summer potluck. Rallo accepted the challenge, and subsequently was bitten by the comedy bug. In the fall of that year, word travelled fast and Rallo was asked to perform at the Howard University’s Homecoming Comedy Show. The rest is history.

Rallo’s wit and conversational delivery makes for unforgettable experiences leaving audiences in stitches. Rallo’s casual approach to romantic relationships, race, and politics makes these often polarizing subjects a bit more palatable across broad audiences.

Carolines on Broadway is proud to present the Breakout Artist Comedy Series, a series which put the spotlight on the very best and brightest emerging stand-up comedians in their very own headlining show. These are the comedians that are currently plying their trade and honing their craft on their way to becoming the stars of tomorrow.