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Group Chat

The Group Chat Stand-Up Comedy Show

Wed, Aug - 10


The Group Chat is a stand-up comedy show featuring New York City based comics Maximilian Spinelli, Ben Kirschenbaum, Mae Planert, Jake Velazquez, and Mike Bramante. They are hilarious, and if you don’t believe that, check out their “credentials”:


Maximilian Spinelli (BuzzFeed)

Ben Kirschenbaum (MTV)

Mae Planert (Comedy Central)

Jake Velazquez (Rogue Island Comedy Festival)

Mike Bramante (New York Comedy Festival’s Comics to Watch)


This crew of comics are best friends and have a group text that is the main priority of their daily lives. In addition to each of these comics performing stand-up, there may be a special segment dedicated to sharing some of their group chat conversations, if you promise not to call the police.

So come to the show, bring your friends that you have a group text with, and have the best time of your lives.