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Haitian and Hilarious

Haitian and Hilarious

Thu, May - 12


Success St Fleur Jr better known as simply Success Jr was born in Miami FL and is now an Atlanta-based comedian, producer, actor, and writer. He’s most known for creating short videos online portraying his Mother (Mama Junior) and his upbringing in a strong religious Haitian-Caribbean household and also live sketch comedy shows. He has amassed over 3 billion views online within 4 years. In 2018 and 2019 he united other Haitian American comics together for an international tour. Success Jr has been featured in Forbes and TheSource. When he’s not on stage he’s also the CEO of the first Haitian American snack company, Culture Chips.

Plus Pierre is a comedian, actor, and writer from Miami, FL. He began his comedy career doing online impressions of music stars which garnered him over 3 million YouTube views in less than a year back in 2010. He’s appeared on Comedy Central’s “Hart Of The City” Sn. 1, produced by Kevin Hart & Joey Wells. Most recently, he and Success Jr. self-produced the sold-out International Sketch Comedy Tour “Coming Through America”.