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Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins

Thu, Jan - 09


Time Out New York called Michelle Collins “the fastest mind in comedy,” the New York Times says “If you’ve seen her live, then you know how quick and fast her comedy is,” and Dr. Phil once said “I know this woman… this is a safe bet right here.” If those three recommendations alone don’t convince you to buy tickets, what will?

Michelle wakes up at the crack of D every morning to host her SiriusXM Stars radio show “The Michelle Collins Show,” which seriously starts at 7AM every weekday. You may perhaps remember Mich for her one daring season on The View, before the revolving door could hit her on the way out. Or maybe perhaps you know her from the one of millions of aftershows she’s hosted, ranging from 90 Day Live, the 90 Day Fiance aftershow, to After Paradise, which aired after ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise. She has also driven for work, amazingly not for Uber driver but as the host of VH1’s Walk of Shame Shuttle, as well as hosting Date Night Live and Little Talk Live, both for Lifetime, Search History for People, Eurovision for Logo, and most recently Relationship Rehab with Adam Rippon for Cosmopolitan. Michelle is a contributing writer to Vanity Fair, Elle, and the former managing editor of VH1’s Best Week Ever blog. But all these credits are frankly meaningless because the one place Michelle truly thrives is under a live captive audience. Get ready to enjoy yourself for the first time in many long years.