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Natalie Perlin

Breakout Artist Natalie Perlin x The Lesbian Bar Project Benefit Show

Sun, Jun - 27

Carolines on Broadway is proud to present this special Pride edition of the Breakout Artist Comedy Series with Headliner Natalie Perlin, featuring Melody Kamali & Ali Clayton, in conjunction with The Lesbian Bar Project. The opening set will be followed by an exclusive screening of the Lesbian Bar Project Documentary film! A portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to The Lesbian Bar Project.


The Lesbian Bar Project is a documentary short film and a fundraising campaign that aims to bring greater awareness and prosperity to the remaining lesbian bars across the country. In the 1980s there were roughly 200 Lesbian Bars in the U.S. Today there are only 21 left. As the bars continue to disappear at a staggering rate, Co-Directors Erica Rose and Elina Street established The Lesbian Bar Project at the start of COVID-19 to celebrate, support and preserve the remaining Lesbian bars that exist in the United States. In 2020 they released a PSA, which helped raise over 117K for the remaining bars. The new crowdfunding campaign runs from June 3rd until July 1st, and once again, all the proceeds will go directly to the bars. The film is Executive Produced by Lea DeLaria and supported by Jägermeister #savethenight.

To watch the film and to donate to the bars go to:

The venmo handle is @Lesbian Bar Project and people can donate directly on the website at as well.



Equipped with dark, whimsical humor and a distinctive silhouette, Natalie is known to be cheeky and flirt with the risqué, but ultimately, it is her natural coyness that allows her to charm and command crowds. Exquisitely sharp and strategically underplayed, Natalie sashays sweetly across the dark side, all while crowned with her signature hair bow.

Despite her meteoric rise to stardom, Natalie is an extremely humble person.
Natalie is a beloved fixture at the classiest Comedy Venues in NYC, and some of the least classy as well. She is a regular at Carolines on Broadway, where she will soon be hosting her own weekly Saturday Midnite show.

Her Solo-Show Big Tits Energy, can currently be seen at this year’s NY Frigid Festival. In 2019 Natalie was named a Comic To Watch at the prestigious New York Comedy Festival. She can be seen regularly at Carolines On Broadway, Stand Up NY, Broadway Comedy Club and The Stand,

Festivals: New York Comedy Festival, StandUpNBC, StandUpNY 6BCF, PIT SoloCom, FRIGID Fest.

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