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Nina Kharoufeh

Nina Kharoufeh

Thu, Aug - 25


NINA KHAROUFEH is an Arab-American Muslim standup comedian, author, and welterweight amateur boxer who wears her religion on her sleeve – well, her head. She’s been wearing a hijab since she was a teenager and never let that get in the way of being herself…no matter how much the odds were against her. Her first published book, “I’m a Princess Too,” (available anywhere books are sold) centers around a young Muslim girl just trying to live a normal life, which is what most of her stand up deals with. Nina has been seen on The Food Network, TRT, Al Jazeera and has opened for comedians including Tiffany Haddish, Godfrey, Luenell, & more.


TikTok: @NinaKharoufeh

IG: @NinaKharoufeh