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NotSam Wrestling Live Podcast

NOTSAM Wrestling Live Podcast

Sun, Sep - 08


“The Last Professional Broadcaster,” Sam Roberts, brings his uber-popular podcast NOTSAM WRESTLING back to Carolines on Broadway for a very special live taping ahead of WWE’s return to Madison Square Garden for its RAW and SmackDown shows.   When he’s not being heard by millions – and millions! – of SiriusXM subscribers on his morning sat-cast along side caustic comedian Jim Norton, Sam can be seen alongside today’s top Superstars on WWE pay-per-view pre-and post-show event roundtables giving his insightful perspective on all things sports entertainment.   You won’t want to miss this chance to take a ringside seat at this very special event, where Sam will welcome a who’s who of superstars and media personalities to talk about their common love of all things wrasslin’ and give his no-holds-barred take on the state of sports entertainment.  A must-see event for any devotee of the squared circle!